Amreen Ship Care

Ship Store Supply

Ship Store Supply

We are pleased to offer you the best service, finest quality and most competitive prices for all your needs.

Our port offices across the country assist in sourcing suitable and competitive products as well as to ear mark manufacturers or consumers of products to be traded. This proves to be a significant guiding factor for concluding business and avoiding wastage of time and resources.

Our supply range includes:

  • Provisions (Marine Standard) Stockist.
  • Bonded Store Products
  • Engine & Electrical Stores (Marine Standard)
  • Stationary Products (Marine Standard)
  • Cabin / Galley Stores Stockist.
  • Marine Lubricant & Grease (Shell / Mobil / Castrol) Stockist.
  • Marine Chemical Stockist.
  • Wire Ropes / Mooring Ropes (Stockist)
  • Unitor Oxygen / Acetylene Cylinders
  • Marine BA Charts / Publications & Flags
  • Navigation Chart & ECDIS Charts
  • Ship Cloth Items Stockist.
  • Glass products Stockist.
  • Safety Sign & Safety Posters
  • Medical Supplies and chest certificate
  • Iron and steel supply


We constantly strive to develop better, more efficient ways to do business, whether it is by implementing cutting-edge state of the art technology, increasing the number of services we provide, or expanding our network.