Amreen Ship Care


Dunnage / Lashing Materials

As a Quality and a performance driven company, our main aim is to offer top quality products to our clients at competitive rates so that their faith in us can be retained. We are striving hard to offer our gamut of immaculate quality by adopting and adhering to the principle of consistency in our Products and services.

Our supplies include :

  • Craft Paper Roll : Spread in container/Vessels
  • Silica Gel
  • Super Dry Desiccant
  • Tape Rolls : Brown, Transparent
  • Container Seals
  • Corrugated Rolls, Sheets of various sizes, Supporting Pads of 6” & 8”
  • Tarpaulin: High Density Polymer and Cotton tarpaulin of various sizes and tailor made.
  • Ropes: Jute, Nylon, Polypropylene and Manila ropes.
  • Dunnage Air Bags of various sizes
  • Choking : As per client’s requirement half, full or normal
  • Plastic Sheets of various colors and sizes
  • Nett’s : Nylon, Jute, Polypropylene and separation
  • Lashing of various types
  • Jumbo Bags of various sizes
  • Bags : Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene bags of various sizes
  • Plywood
  • Hessian Cloth
  • Twine (Jute)
  • Dunnage Wood
  • Thermocole /Styrofoam
  • Wooden (Rafter) Slipper Wenges
  • Hatch Sealing Tape
  • Cord Strapping
  • Wire Seal
  • Corrugated Corner/Edge Guard
  • Ratchet Belt
  • Bag Paal
  • Container covers tailor made


We constantly strive to develop better, more efficient ways to do business, whether it is by implementing cutting-edge state of the art technology, increasing the number of services we provide, or expanding our network.