Amreen Ship Care

Safety Division

Safety Division

Our company is having a safety division to provide Service, Maintenance & Certification of Life-Saving and Fire Fighting Equipment’s of Ships / Vessel Calling Port of India

Our services include :

  • Lifeboat Division
    • Servicing and certification
    • Lifeboat spares
  • Liferaft Division
    • Service & certification of liferafts, HRU & inflatable rescue boat.
    • Supply, rental & exchange basis of liferafts HRV & inflatable rescue boat.
  • Fire Fighting Appliance Division
    • Inspection, testing, refilling & certification of portable/semi portable fire extinguishing equipment’s & fixed fire extinguishing system.
    • Supply of fire extinguishers.
    • Inspection, testing, refilling & certification of breathing apparatus.
  • Calibration Division
    • Portable gas detector & fixed gas detection system.
    • Ullage Temperature oil water interface (UTI)
    • Temperature calibrators/hand held test pumps.
    • Pressure gauge.
    • Oil water separator (OWS)
    • Oil Monitoring discharge equipment (ODME)

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